Well… this is awkward.

It seems like only last week I gave this show a funeral and said goodbye. (That’s because it was!) So… why is there another episode now?

Here’s the deal: I was told that the summer schedule was ending on Friday, September 18. I planned accordingly for my September 14 show and used it to wrap everything up. But the schedule didn’t end up switching over, and, foolish pride and all, I didn’t want to just submit a rerun, or worse, let the random shuffle bot shuffle randomly for two hours.

Thus, you now get a bonus episode! Lucky you!

You can either think of this as an epilogue, or imagine that, in some kind of Firefly-style mixup, Jedi Mind Tricks has aired out of order, and that this was really last week’s episode, and that last week’s is this week’s. Or whatever – you do you!

One notable exception about this week’s show is that there’s no voiceover, and consequently there are no interstitial tracks. In order to deliver the show on time, I put this together the night of the 18th, and after the loss of Justice Ginsburg, I just couldn’t muster the willpower to do all the voice work and mixing that I do for a typical episode. I will likely continue this practice if I need to deliver any more shows before the schedule changes.


The originally aired stream is no longer available.

An “unmixed version” is now available on Spotify.


John WilliamsMain Title - Rebel Blockade RunnerStar Wars: A New Hope
In the NurseryGroundloopGroundloop
Yoko KannoChainVision of Escaflowne - Lovers Only
Nine Inch NailsInto The VoidThe Fragile
Information SocietyLand of the Blind_hello World
Shiny Toy GunsMajor TomMajor Tom - Single
The Toy DollsThe Final CountdownOur Last Album?
Inkubus SukkubusDeath Comes (The Wedding Night)Viva La Muerte
L’├éme ImmortelleThe Spell (Bonus Track)Letztes Licht
Emily BrowningSweet Dreams (Are Made of This)Sucker Punch (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack)
Gary NumanMy Name Is RuinSavage (Songs from a Broken World)
Murray GoldA Good Man? (Twelve’s Theme)Doctor Who - Series 8 (Original Television Soundtrack)
VNV NationCarbonFutureperfect
Peter MurphyCascadeCascade
MeteorEvery Night I Die (Part II)Every Night I Die (Part II) - Single
Fury WeekendStormraidersEscape from Neon City
ScandroidThe Force ThemeThe Force Theme - Single
HammockTen Thousand Years Won’t Save Your LifeDeparture Songs
Jean-Luc PontyCosmic MessengerCosmic Messenger
My Autumn EmpireThe FollowingDreams of Death and Other Favourites
The OutlawsGreen Grass and High TidesBest of The Outlaws: Green Grass and High Tides
Vera LynnWe’ll Meet AgainWe’ll Meet Again: The Very Best of Vera Lynn